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Discount Program

There are two basic categories of discounts: Multi-Person and Employer Sponsored



Part One: Multi-Person
(Gender Distinct Discounted Rates)




A: Association Group Discount B: Professional Group DiscountC: Student and Resident Discount




Part Two: Employer Sponsored
(Gender Neutral Discounted Rates)




A: Qualified Sick Pay ProgramB: Quick Employer Sponsored FAQ







Multi-Person Discounts: 10% discount off of the regular (gender specific) male or female rate

Association Discount Program: offered to approved associations who endorse disability income products offered by Guardian.  10% discount.

Professional Group Discount Program: Three lives minimum are required and all must be employed by the same employer.  No sponsorship is required just three lives issued within a 6 month day period with the same employer.  10% discount.  Note: In order for employees  to qualify for this discount, they must work at the same location.  Employees with the same employer but working in different offices would be subject to separate professional group discount programs.

Student and Resident Discount Program:  Established for select schools and residency programs where the school or residency program endorses disability products offered by Guardian.  10% discount.


Employer Sponsored: Gender neutral rates

Qualified Sick Pay Program (QSPP):  Under this discount program the employer funds 100% of the premiums for the disability coverage.  Policies are issued with gender neutral rates with an additional 25% discount.  Policies sold are list billed to the employer.

Quick Employer Sponsored FAQ: 

  • All ESP programs require 3 participating lives to establish the program. The three lives must be issued within a 6-month period from discount program approval. In-force policies not eligible for the discount that subsequently qualify within the 6-month time frame, will be handled as a “terminate and replace” scenario for processing purposes. 

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