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PayGuard Plus

The New PayGuard Plus (Policy Form 18PG) released 4/20/20 is a simple, affortable, reducing term disability insurance policy that covers total disabilities for individuals not willing or ready to purchase the more robust Provider Choice Policy.



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Definition of DisabilityOwn Occ. Rider



Special Programs: 

Key Person OptionSpousal CoverageSteamlined PDQ




Specimen Policy: 

Specimen PolicyPayGuard Plus Outline






How PayGuard Works:
  With this simple total disability only policy you simply choose between a 90 or 180 day elimination period then you choose the term of coverage.  

  • Issue ages 18-60

  • Yearlly benefit options: Minimum term is 5 years, Maximum term is 30 years or age 65, whichever comes first. 

  • Benefits will start at the end of the elimination period and end when: you recover from total disability or the policy reaches the expiration date shown in the schedule page.

  • Available to occupation classes: 3-6, 3M-6M, 3D-4D


Built In Benefits: 

  • Rates & Policy Language Canot Change Until Policy Expiration:  We cannot cancel your policy, increase your premiums or change policy provisions if you keep paying premiums due, until policy expiration.

  • Reducing Term Coverage: Coverage for total disabilities for 5-30 years in yearly increments up to age 65.  This means you can select and pay for the coverage you need.

  • Benefits after the Expiration Date: If Your Total Disability begins within twelve months prior to the policy expiration date, and continues uninterrupted beyond the expiration date, we will continue to pay the monthly benefit after the expiration date until we have paid twelve months of monthly benefit from the start of such total disability.

  • Waiver of Premium: Reduces the financial stress of a disability.  You won’t be required to pay a policy premium while you’re disabled and collecting benefits, or for three months after your claim ends.

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Potential Uses: PayGuard Plus can provide a variety of solutions for your disability Insurance needs.


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Base Definition of Disability: Total disability means that, “because of sickness or injury, the insured is unable to perform all of the substantial and material duties of his or her occupation or profession; and is not actually at work in any occupation or profession.”   This means that at claim time, no benefit is payable if the insured is working.

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True Own Occupation Rider:  Total disability means that, “because of sickness or injury, the insured is unable to perform all of the substantial and material duties of his or her occupation or profession."   This means at claim time you will be able to collect full disability benefits while totally disabled, even if you choose to work doing another occupation.  

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PayGuard Plus Key Person Option:  As a business owner you rely upon people every day to get things done.  What would happen if one of the people you rely upon most suffers a disability and could not work?  How long would it take you to find and train a resource to perform the business-critical tasks?  Key Person Insurance helps a business through tough times by paying a benefit to the business which can be used to cover recruiting costs, training costs, temporary employee costs, or just to replace lost revenue while you find a suitable replacement.  PayGuard Plus Key Person Key Features:

  • Policy is owned by the business or business owner

  • Policy proceeds are paid to the business or business owner should a key employee become disabled.   Note:  The employee being covered must be W2 and perform critical functions for the business which cannot be easily replaced.

  • Monthly payments will be made for the remaining term, as long as the key employee is totally disabled.

  • Benefit is 5 year term

  • Max benefit is 2x monthly salary up to $30,000 Occupation Classes 6/6M, 5/5M, 4/4M & $10,000 Occupation Classes 3/3M

Note:  To be eligable for Key Person DI coverage the following alpplies: Works an average of 30 hours per week or more.  Cannot own more than 5% of the Business.  Has been with the Business for a minimum of 12 months.  Is not a 1099 employee.  Is covered by IDI or GLTD Disability Insurance.  Is not a spouse or first-degree relative (parent, sibling, child) of the owner(s).

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Spousal Coverage Program: Provides up to $2,500 of Payguard Plus coverage to the non-working spouse of a Guardian and/or Berkshire policyholder that has an individual policy that is equal to or greater than 4000 month.  Any exercised increase options do not count toward the $4000 mimum coverage nor does any Business Reducing Term, Overhead Expense and Disability Buy-Out policies.  If the non-working spouse (homemaker) becomes disabled, benefits can be used to pay for childcare, cleaning services, home health aides, and other new household needs.  

Spousal Coverage can be applied for with either the PDQ Application or the fully underwritten application and cannot have the Conversion Option Endorsement.

After the policy is issued, and if the spouse is no longer a homemaker, the insured should terminate their policy and reapply under an eligible occupation.


Streamlined PDQ Quick Application Process:   Only with PayGuard Plus, are extremely health individual that honestly answer "no" to a select number of medical questions can have a poilicy issued & available for download as quick as 24 hours.   Those that answer "yes" to any of the PDQ knock out questions are ineligable for the Streamlined PDQ Quick Application Process, and must apply for coverage through traditional underwriting if interesed in obtaining coverage.

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Convertability to Provider Choice: The Conversion Option Program is a no-cost endorsement that will automatically be added to all qualifying PayGuard Plus policies.  This Endorsement provides the insured the ability to convert their PayGuard Plus Policy after the 5th anniversary to an age 65 benefit period individual Provider Choice disability insurance policy.   The Conversion Option Endorsement will be added to PayGuard Plus policies that meet the following criteria:

  • 10-year Term or more

  • Issue Ages 18-40

  • Occupation Classes 6/6M, 5/5M, 4/4M, 3/3M

  • Not available to the Dental Market (3D or 4D)

  • Not available in combination with Key Person or Spousal Coverage Programs

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Specimen Policy:

PayGuard Plus Specimen Policy 18PG-PA 4-2024

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PayGuard Plus Product Page Outline: 

How PayGuard Plus Works
PayGuard Plus Built In Benefits
PayGuard Plus Potential Uses
PayGuard Plus Base Definition of Disability  
PayGuard Plus True Own Occupation Rider
PayGuard Plus Key Person Option
PayGuard Plus Spousal Coverage Program
PayGuard Plus Streamlined PDQ Quick Application Process
PayGuard Plus Convertability to Provider Choice Endorsement
PayGuard Plus Specimen Policy
PayGuard Plus Product Page Outline  


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