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Retirement Protection Plus (RPP)

Retirement Protection Plus (RPP) is not a pension plan, qualified retirement plan, or a qualified individual retirement account, nor a substitute for one.  Rather, it is a program that provides disability income insurance to replace retirement plan contributions made by you and your employer in the event you become totally disabled.   The Retirement Protection Plus Program is available for this specific purpose and is issued with the Provider Choice or the ProVider Plus policy (depending on state approval of Provider Choice), having the same base policy language and Non-Cancellable & Guaranteed Renewable provision.


Need For Retirement Protection Plus (RPP) CoverageHow Retirement Protection Plus (RPP) WorksRetirement Protection Plus (RPP) COLA RiderRetirement Protection Plus (RPP) FIO Rider





Need For Retirement Protection Plus (RPP): 

If you became totally disabled, even if you had adequate group plus individual disability protection that would pay benefits to 65 or 67 would you be able to still put money away to save for retirement?  Chances are you would likely need all of your disability benefits to live on since your disability benefits are likely going to be less that your pre disability after tax earnings.  Additionally, if you are no longer working for a company because of disability, your former employer would not be able to put money into your retirement plan, even if they wanted to, because you are no longer an employee. 

A long term disability can reduce the funds you have in retirement significantly resulting in you having a reduced retirement lifestyle.

*Assumes an annual rate of return of 8% on retirement contributions with no disbursements taken prior to age 65. This rate is for illustration purposes only. Actual results will vary.
** Assumes eligibility for benefits under the policy with payments beginning 30 days following the 180 day elimination period and an annual rate of return of 8% on RPP benefits. This rate is for illustration purposes only. Actual results will vary.

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How Retirement Protection Plus (RPP) Works:

You are eligible for benefits when you are totally disabled and not working (modified own occupation).  Once eligible for benefits, a monthly benefit up too 100% of your retirement contributions selected at time of purchase, including any employer-matching contributions, will be paid into a trust established by you.  The trustee invests the benefits at your direction.  The benefit period must be to age 65 but a 180 or 360 day waiting period is available.

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Retirement Protection Plus (RPP) COLA Rider:

The COLA riders available under the RPP program are the same as it is on Provider Choice other than there is no 4 year delayed COLA option.  The cost of living riders adjust your policy's monthly benefit annually to help keep pace with inflation during a disability. They both include compound annual adjustments and a minimum benefit adjustment of 3%, calculated on a compounded basis. Additionally, should you recover, you'd automatically retain increases, free of charge, until age 65 or 67.  With many carriers, the increases are Consumer Price Index tied (CPI) and you must pay for any increases in coverage to keep upon returning to work. 

  • 3% Compound COLA: After you've been disabled for 12 months, your monthly benefit will be increased by 3% each year, compounded annually.

  • 6% Maximum COLA: After you've been disabled for 12 months, your monthly benefit will be adjusted each year according to changes in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers (CPI-U). Compounded increases will be no lower than 3% compounded and no higher than 6%.

  • 4 Year Delayed COLA Rider: This is the lowest cost COLA option.  Increases begin on the fourth anniversary of the date you originally became disabled.

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Retirement Protection Plus (RPP) FIO Rider: 

The FIO rider is the same rider that is available with Provider Choice. This rider helps protect the ability to purchase more disability protection as your retirement contributions increase without having to show evidence of insurability.  Here how it works.:

  • You are given an option annually effective the policy anniversary date to increase your coverage until you are age 55 or your option has been used up if sooner. 

  • Up until age 45 there is no limit on how much of your remaining pool option can be exercised. 

  • After age 45 you can exercise up to 1/3 of the original FIO option (or your remaining FIO amount, if less than $1,000).  Any increases exercised on claim will not be payable until a new and separate disability is payable.  Special Option Date:  This feature allows you the opportunity to exercise your FIO off anniversary in the event you loose your underlying group LTD coverage


Retirement Protection Plus is not a pension plan, qualified retirement plan, qualified individual retirement account, or a substitute for one.

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