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Government Employees Program

This program is designed for applicants who have been state, county, local & municipal government employees for more than three years or who have been a Federal Employee for more than one year.  For all other applicants normal issue and participation guidelines apply as there wont be an assumption of in force group coverage when determining individual disability benefits. 


Federal Employees 

State, County, Local & Municipal Employees





Federal Employees:

Federal Employees have  disability benefits through the national Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS).  The problem with that coverage is that you only get up to 60% of your salary for the first year of disability.  The benefit reduces to 40% of prior salary in the second year of disability.  To make it even worse for the Federal employees is that the 60% and 40% benefits are taxable.  The Guardian FERS Disability program supplements the existing plan to bring total coverage to our normal limits for income.  Supplemental disability benefits for Federal employees are calculated under an assumption of 40% taxable group disability benefits.  The first year 60% benefit is disregarded in the calculation.  To qualify under this program, you must be a non-firearm-carrying white collar insurable occupation employee.   


State, County, Local & Municipal Employees:

State, county, and municipal employees' disability benefits vary greatly across the nation.  To make things easier for eligible employees, a 60% taxable group benefit is assumed when determining how much additional disability benefits can be purchased.  Note: this 60% benefits assumption will not be made if a benefits booklet is provided showing lower existing disability benefits as compared to the assumption.

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