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Start-Up Savvy Program

Owners of brand-new businesses are often challenged to provide the type of financial documentation typically required by individual disability income carriers, because their businesses have not been up and running long enough to generate the necessary tax returns.

However, if you are taking an entrepreneurial leap in opening up a business in the same field where you have established a career, we may be able to offer you important disability income protection coverage right off the bat. 

For those that qualify, we take a portion of past W2 income and put that income into the benefits calculator and offer those reduced benefits to start-ups.  If the Future Increase Option rider or the Benefit Purchase Rider is available, you will be given the option to increase benefits at a later date when financials become available.

Three Requirements to Apply Under This Program:

  1. Ages 30 through 50, with at least 5 years of industry experience

  2. Working in an industry other than real estate or financial services

  3. Submits a copy of the most recent W-2 from the prior employer

The Offer: (Physicians only): Maximum monthly benefit based on 70% of the W-2 verified prior earnings (but not more than $7500/mo.)

The Offer: (all other eligible occupations): Maximum monthly benefit based on 50% of the W-2 verified prior earnings (but not more than $5000/mo.)

Additionally, up to $20,000 a month of base Overhead Expense benefit with up to $10,000 of Future Increase Option (FIO) and up to $10,000 a month of the Professional Replacement Rider is now available to all eligible occupations under this program.

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