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Enhanced Quick Issue Program

Are you afraid of being stuck by a needle, providing tax documentation to strangers or just don’t want the hassle of an exam in your hectic life?  If so, we may have an option for you.  For applicants under a certain age and applying for less than a certain amount, we can waive those requirements in most scenarios.  All you will need is to submit an application with your agent and complete a detailed phone interview or an e-med (online medical questionnaire).  The underwriters use the information we obtain from your application, your provided medical history, and medical records to determine if you are eligible for coverage. 

Ages 18-40 up to $5000 month*
Ages 41-50 up to $3000 month*

Note: The Catastrophic Rider (CAT) can not be more than the base benefit applied for and half the Future Increase Option (FIO) is added into the monthly benefit when determining maximums under this program.  Not available in California.

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